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25. May 2013

The worldwide internet regulator recently validated the .paris extension as...

3. May 2013

The French government blocked the sale of Dailymotion to American giant...

31. October 2012

At the same time as the French government asks Google to share there...

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The worldwide internet regulator recently validated the .paris extension as well as 17 other regional domain names. The ICANN (internet corporation for assigned names and numbers) confirmed in May 2013 it is now possible to book, as well as you .com and .fr, .paris domain. So, you could get an email address mailto: name@ website .paris and open a website http: //www.

The program was initiated in Paris by the ICANN back in 2008 during a conference about international search marketing. Immediately the Paris city claimed they wanted to be a part of the test as well as the .bzh extension for Brittany, .re (reunion island), .yt (Mayotte), .tf(French souther territories) for example. To this day, they is already more than 1900 demands for those top level domain extension. It will create great local opportunities to work with regional businesses.

The Paris town is within the first cities in the world to be part of the program. The launch will be in several phases. It will be exclusive to a bunch of few pioneers followed by brands and finally individuals which will have the privilege to be associated with Paris. To respect cyber-squatting, some procedure will be shortly announced.

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