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25. May 2013

The worldwide internet regulator recently validated the .paris extension as...

3. May 2013

The French government blocked the sale of Dailymotion to American giant...

31. October 2012

At the same time as the French government asks Google to share there...

The online marketing agency for business website owners

Our bespoke website design  supplies quality and maximum efficient service

helping you to become active

improving your program performance

managing promotions to boost your performance

achieving the optimum results



Reflect superior visual aid

Our bespoke website design supplies quality and maximum efficient service. oMaWo takes your image, logo, and content to create the ultimate web presence styled to your satisfaction. We not only develop internet page designs; we also create Email that function easily and properly for web users.

Our skills are varied and we implement everything to bring a professional solution to each of your needs: study, creation and realization of websites (B to C, B to B), revision of existing sites, online shop administered by backoffice, solution for secure payment.

Ergonomics and loading speed are vital to the success of any business website. We construct top of the basket websites using the best web standard practices. Our agency team has an in-depth experience in developing websites for a large spectrum of clients, and work closely with you to ensure your project is made to the highest possible level.

The technologies we prefer are CSS, XHTML, PHP, jQuery.

Our team is at your disposal to set up your future working tool.

Price for designing your website will depend on:

-is it an existing website? what's the number of pages?

-what feature does your website require? any specific technology in mind?

-are you considering also the smartphone market such as an Iphone app?



If you are already selling a service or a product offline, the Federation of Small Business (FSB) states there is on average a 20% turnover increase when you include online activity.

We offer you the possibility to multiply this increase by translating your existing website. You will be able to market your product in France and Italy.

We make your customers online shopping experience fast, secure and easy to use. So, you can focus selling your products online.

To discuss your e-commerce project simply contact us by phone on 01225 46 99 43 or by an email.

Price per word: £0,10

Paid Placement

Benefiting from our experience of previous French PPC campaign means that you will be able to manage and run a successfull Adword campaign with basic computer skills. We will customize many aspects of the paid links so you could be sure the text is good, the landing pages is appropriate and the cost is under control. We will always be transparent with you regarding our methodso you could take over the account when you feel you will be ready.

Our methodology is based on four priorities:

cost is minimized

convenience is maximized

communication is concise

needs and wants are fulfilled.

If you would like us to provide a quote for your latest online project please call 01225 46 99 43 or send an email.

Because we think it is not in the customer interest to increase the cost per clic, the price will be in direct relation with the turnover generated.

Inbound Marketing

We strongly believe in Inbound Marketing. We think it is the best way to get a perennial website. Our company will complete a thorough audit of your website detailing its key points and areas for development. We will make sure your website in-page is good (meta tags, meta description, URL), your social parameters are set with a blog full of content. So, later we could focus on your off page search engine optimisation in French.

We will make your website in France accessible to many free potential customers. The best way to search for information is through search engines such as Google, Yahoo or DuckDuckGo. OmAwO will optimise your search engine result page(SERP), so you can benefit from this organic traffic sources.

Please, find a list of service we are happy to provide: On-Page/ Site SEO recommendations, Hands-on SEO changes to Sites/pages, Keyword Research, Content Creation Suggestions, Content Developement, Content Promotion/ Viral "Pushes", Link Building Recommentdations, Hands-on Link Building Services, Social Media Marketing Recommendations, Social Media Management, Analytics Setup/reporting, On-Site Training Seminars .


hourly rate: between £35 and £75

monthly retainer: between £50 to £2,500

by project: between £500 and £20,000


With time we develop our offer and we can provide your customers with a full French experience when visiting your website. We will suit you with a French local telephone number ringing in your office whereever you are in the world.

We have also an office facility where your customers could send their unwanted parcel for exemple without having to pay the price of an international tracked parcel. Depending on the volume of order, we could also collect the parcel from the people address.


Email Marketing

In email marketing, the customer acquisition is essentially provided by database list rental. We will target the most relevant websites for your opt-in data needs. Omawo ensures to keep each unique customer profile in mind when collecting data, as we believe this is crucial in garanteeing your company relevant data.

The return on investment is quick. There are two common objectives; drive immediate sales and collect customer data for future actions.

We offer the possibility to use prescription actions to drive internet users onto your website as well. Whether you decide on a push or pull action, we produce maximum returns, high quality marketing campaigns that engage customers.

White Label

OmaWo can make popular websites more profitable. We will integrate our services into your pages and earn you money while entertaining your visitors: we will organize free competitions or quizes and make a commission on each subscription. All the services will be transparent for your customers and perfectly adapted to your graphic charter.

Free user content

Omawo provides you free services to be installed on your internet page. The modules provided are very easy to install. You can also personalize the content. Your visitor will benefit from our experience in free internet competitions and quizes. We cover the legal issues, hosting, development, design, and prize contribution. It is a complete new revenue steam for your website.

No cost, only revenue

Set up a service which suits your need. Customers will be drawn onto your website time and time again to play competitions and quizes, which will earn you more money. Our white label tools will enable your internet sites to be more profitable.

The majority of our services do not require thorough technical training and can be installed simply. Your investments are minimal because we share the revenue made: no expenses, no set up cost, no monthly charges, your company can only earn more money!